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Juice Cleanse Review: Cooler Cleanse

July 26, 2012

Today’s post is the second in a series of reviews of delivered-to-your-door 3-day juice cleanses from companies that offer nationwide delivery on their fresh juices. See also: review #1.

Last weekend’s juice cleanse came to me courtesy of Cooler Cleanse, based out of New York City. Cooler Cleanse uses a hydraulic press to extract their juices with very little heat or friction. Last Friday through Sunday, I completed their 3-day juice cleanse program.

Arrival: The package was delivered at 9am on the dot, having been sent with overnight shipping. The contents of the box were rather helter-skelter, but everything arrived intact and properly chilled.

Again, I liked the ergonomic shape of the bottles, which helped them fit into my fridge and stack on top of one another nicely.

Options: A Cooler Cleanse contains a pre-selected set of 6 daily juices. (You do not have the option to choose specific juices or flavors.) Each bottle cap is labeled with a number to indicate the order in which you should drink them. Beyond that, you get to decide how quickly and at what times of day you drink each of them.

Variety: Although you’re not able to choose your individual drinks, some of the juices do vary each day to mix it up and keep it interesting, so all three days of your cleanse are slightly different.

The Juices…

Sweet Greens: kale, spinach, parsley, watercress, apple
Each day of the cleanse begins with this juice. It’s very sweet, yet also has a strong parsley flavor. It’s pretty good, though I did end up mixing it with my third drink (see below) on days 2 and 3.

Watermelon Lime
The second drink varied each day. This was fruity, refreshing, and very sweet (although I do prefer to eat my watermelon rather than drink it!).

Grapefruit Mint
I can’t lie: this one was completely unpalatable to me. Grapefruit just ain’t my bag. That said, I gave it to Matt to finish off and he liked it just fine.

Pineapple Ginger
Very simple and very tasty, with a nice kick from the ginger.

Essential Green: cucumber, celery, dandelion greens, watercress, spinach, parsley, kale, pear, lemon, ginger
This third juice of the day is chock full of all kinds of great green stuff, but to be honest, it tasted unpleasantly bitter to me. This was easily remedied on days 2 and 3 by combining it with the Sweet Greens (see above) first thing in the morning and pouring it back in the two bottles for two semi-sweet, but still very green, juices.

Young Coconut Water
Hydrating, pure, ultra-delicious raw coconut water was the fourth juice on days 1 and 3…

Spicy Lemonade: lemon, lime, cayenne pepper, raw agave, filtered water
…while on day 2, it was this Master-Cleanse-esque lemonade.

Essential Red: carrot, beet, apple, lemon
The fifth juice each day was this very-sweet root-veggie-based cocktail. It was almost a tad too sweet for me, in fact, but it was still quite tasty.

Almond Milk: raw almonds, vanilla bean, dates, filtered water
Brazil Nut Milk (not pictured): raw Brazil nuts, dates, filtered water
As with all these cleanses, the sixth and final drink of the day is a milkshake-like nut-based concoction. Days 1 and 3 had almond milk, while day 2 had selenium-rich Brazil nut milk, both date-sweetened and VERY rich. A little too rich, even. I couldn’t help but be shocked that just 16 ounces of either of these nut milks has between 480 and 560 calories—whoa! Even though calorie-counting does not play a part in these cleanses for me, I couldn’t help but experience a bit of “sticker shock” there. That said, the two that I drank did taste GREAT.

What happened to the third one? I was dismayed to discover that by the time the end of day 3 arrived, the last bottle of nut milk had spoiled; I had to pour the whole thing down the drain. After looking forward to it all day, that was really disappointing!

Extras: Cooler Cleanse includes a handy little insulated tote bag to keep your juices chilled while you’re on the run.

I also appreciated how the nutrition facts for each drink are listed right on the back of every bottle.

Cost: Cooler Cleanses cost $58 a day plus shipping (which costs $78.50 per 3-day cleanse). This brings the total price of a 3-day cleanse to $252.50, or about $84 per day.
(Full disclosure: Cooler Cleanse sent me this cleanse “on the house.”)

Support: Cooler Cleanse offers unlimited email support with your cleanse.

How to Order: Online or by phone (1-888-COOLERS). Local pickup is also available in the New York City area.

Final thoughts: Although I felt that some of these juices were a little lacking in the flavor department, most of them were nonetheless very drinkable and enjoyable. It was, however, quite frustrating that they were already spoiling by the end of day 3. That being said, Cooler Cleanse is the lowest-priced of the juice cleanses I’ve seen, so they’re a little kinder to your wallet than other, similar programs.

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  1. July 26, 2012 9:39 am

    major bummer that it spoiled! sounds so handy though — you don’t have to clean the juicer 6 times a day!!!!!

  2. July 26, 2012 9:42 am

    I saw the ‘spicy lemonade’ and thought MASTER CLEANSE before I even finished reading your post, hahaha.
    Grapefruit and mint…hmmmmm.
    When grapefruit is in season, or on sale, I actually do a grapefruit juice upon rising. But it is HIGHLY DILUTED with water…half and half at the very least. It’s actually pleasant and mildly sweet that way. According to ‘Eat Right for Your Type’, it’s supposed to be good for my ultra-sensitive AB blood type. It did give me a nice energy boost the first few times I drank it…but my body quickly adjusted to that. 🙂
    Sucks about the nut milk spoiling. I think that would be my hesitation in ordering anything raw in terms of nut milks, even with overnight shipping. I remember, when first learning how to make the raw desserts at ‘other job’, how quickly raw nuts (once broken down in the blender and having the lemon juice, etc. added to it) would spoil very quickly. It ferments quickly! I was making fresh raw cream (at first typed ‘nut cream’ and LOL’d…hahaha) no less than every 48 hours.

    • July 26, 2012 9:49 am

      I’ve wondered if I must be a supertaster, since the taste of grapefruit is so rank to me. I also prefer white and “milk” chocolate over dark…my mom feels the same way, and I understand it’s genetic. But then again, we both love bitter, black, oily coffee, and I’ve always enjoyed the taste of alcohol, so who knows.

      Quite right in terms of the nut cream (I’ve typed that so many times it doesn’t even faze me anymore, haha). 3 days is a good average in my kitchen, but really it can be anywhere from 2 to 5, depending on the water content, the heat/humidity, what else I add to it, etc. Since these juices are vacuum-sealed, they SHOULD last all 3 days, but that last almond milk bit the dust before I could savor its sweet silky smoothness.

  3. July 26, 2012 12:13 pm

    Very informative! I can’t believe they were spoiling that quickly.

    • July 26, 2012 1:10 pm

      Well, 3 days (4, if you consider they made it the night before it was delivered) is actually quite a lengthy amount of time for juice/nut milk to stay good, but yeah, it was sad. It might have something to do with their packaging/bottling methods, but it’s hard to say.

  4. July 26, 2012 1:26 pm

    OMG, I wanna doooooo this! But no way I could afford the $78 a day. I would LOVE it if they contacted me to review these. 😉 hint, hint, Cooler Cleanse people. Anyway, I’ve seen a few homemade juice cleanses on other blogs lately that do the whole juice all day/ nut milk at night thing. Sounds like my kind of juice cleanse.

  5. Mallory permalink
    July 26, 2012 1:52 pm

    Amber I LOVE reading your juice reviews! I’m on day 3 of my very first Juice cleanse 🙂 I told you before I’ve done the MC before a few times so to no surprise the juice cleanse has been a breeze for me so far. I did realize that I also despise grapefruit, lemons and celery when juiced…But I quite like them when they’re not being juiced 🙂 I can’t wait to read your next juice review! Oh I also made your recipe for the “mild green juice” you posted a few days back and I agree the romaine is way smoother than the kale! I’m not doing nut milk at night but if I start to feel really deprived then I plan on it. Thanx again for the awesome and thorough review =)

  6. Tara permalink
    July 26, 2012 2:04 pm

    Hey Amber! Just wanted to let you know that I have your ‘Continental Crunch Granola’ in my dehydrator as I type this. The smell is amazing and it tastes so good that I was tempted to throw it in the oven to eat right away. I can tell it’s going to be my new favorite granola! : ) Also, enjoying your juice cleanse reviews!

    • July 26, 2012 2:11 pm

      Oh YUM! Haha, when I make that granola, it’s always half gone by the time it’s done dehydrating, because every time I walk by I just “have” to have a couple bites… 😉 Hope you love it! It’s GREAT over nondairy yogurt.

  7. July 26, 2012 8:04 pm

    I don’t think this is the sort of cleanse I could get on board with. That’s pretty pricy for juice! Some of the flavors sound nice, but that’s about it.

    I just started my KR cleanse. I was hoping to do the full 6 days, but sadly it didn’t arrive until today, and I’m off to Utah on Monday! It’s OK, though. I can do 3 days, and then save the other 3 days for later :).

    • July 26, 2012 8:11 pm

      And this is the least expensive brand I’m reviewing! It’s well outside my budget comfort zone, too…thank goodness for blog reviews 😉

      Aw, that sucks…but your 3/3 split isn’t a bad idea. Have a great trip!

  8. July 27, 2012 2:16 pm

    wow these are the coolest ever cleanses! im craving juice now

  9. July 27, 2012 9:54 pm

    interesting, thanks for the review! never tried a juice cleanse like this before. too bad them going bad by day 3.

  10. July 28, 2012 5:46 am

    Soulsister, that grapefruit would have been sent straight out of my sight too. 560 calories? I’m sorry, but I’m definitely wanting cheesecake for that. 😉

    • July 28, 2012 10:48 am

      Haha! Yes, for 560 calories I usually like to get to CHEW a few times…but I must admit, these were the most decadent nutmilkshakes I’ve ever tasted. 🙂

  11. July 29, 2012 12:15 pm

    All of those juices look good. Love the handy carry bag they included. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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