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Culinary School

Follow my raw vegan culinary school training at the Matthew Kenney Academy (formerly known as the 105degrees Academy).
(For answers to some frequently asked questions, please see here first. Thanks!)


Level I

Week One
Day 1: Pesto-stuffed beet ravioli
Day 2: Kimchee, lasagna, nori-daikon handrolls
Day 3: Coconuts & too much kale
Day 4: Pad thai, sushi, ice cream
Day 5: Seaweed salad & chocolate bars

Week Two
Day 1: Irish moss, Tribest blender
Day 2: Kimchee-cashew dumplings
Day 3: Tacos and pizza!
Day 4: Chocolate chips, Reuben sandwich
Day 5: Truffles, cookies, burgers, tarts

Week Three
Day 1: Cheese-making, CC cookies
Day 2: Cheese & bacon
Day 3: Yogurt & crêpes
Day 4: Calamari, crackers, falafel
Day 5: Crab cakes, chocolate torte, & a challenge

Week Four
Day 1: Crackers & secret stuff
Day 2: Another teaser
Day 3: Final menu revealed
Day 4: Last-minute prep
Day 5: Level I graduation


Level II

Week One
Day 1: Kombucha, citrus-fennel salad
Day 2: Coconut veggie wraps
Day 3: Spring mix salad
Day 4: Guacamole & pho
Day 5: Nigiri, Mexi-salad, gelato
Day 6: Tomato salad & chili

Week Two
Day 1-2: Strawberry tarts
Day 3-4: Creative cheeses
Day 5: Academy Specials!

Week Three
Day 1-2: Fancy cheese platters
Day 3-5: Caprese salad, et al.

Week Four
Day 1-2: Lots of hummus
Day 3: Level II graduation
Introducing … Chef Amber Shea!

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