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All about my cookbook, Practically Raw!


About the Book
FULL TITLE: Practically Raw: Flexible Raw Recipes Anyone Can Make
AUTHOR:  Amber Shea Crawley (me!)
PUBLISHER: Vegan Heritage Press
RELEASE DATE: March 1st, 2012
FORMAT: Paperback, full-color photos throughout
LENGTH: 256 pages
FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY BY: myself, Amber Shea Crawley

To Purchase:
– U.S. fans: Click here to purchase from (hard copy OR Kindle version)
– Canadian fans: Click here to purchase from (hard copy)
– U.K. fans: Click here to purchase from (hard copy OR Kindle version)
– International fans: Click here to purchase from Book Depository (free shipping worldwide)
Click here to purchase from Barnes & Noble
Click here to purchase an autographed copy


About the Recipes
All of the 140+ recipes inside Practically Raw are…

  • raw and 100% vegan / plant-based
  • free of dairy, eggs, gluten, and soy
  • all-natural, unprocessed, wholesome, and delicious
  • accompanied by ingredient substitution lists, optional cooking/baking directions (if applicable), and nutritional information
  • adaptable to any kitchen, whether you have a dehydrator or not
  • suitable for vegetarians, vegans, raw foodists, Paleo dieters, and omnivores!

Practically Raw: Flexible Raw Recipes Anyone Can Make is a one-of-a-kind cookbook that delivers a flexible approach to raw food – complete with cooked options. Each raw vegan recipe can be adapted to your own taste, budget, and ingredient availability, and many feature cooked alternatives. Whether you are exploring ways to improve your health and longevity, cope with a food allergy, or lose weight, Practically Raw has something for everybody.

With my flexible approach, you can enjoy raw food at your own pace, even without special equipment or hard-to-find ingredients. Filled with full-color photos throughout, the book provides a pantry guide, menus, money-saving and make-ahead tips, and nutrition information, as well as recipe variations and ingredient substitutions. If you’re looking for maximum nutrition and want flexible recipes for vibrant, sexy food, then you’ll love Practically Raw.

The book is ideal for beginners as well as seasoned raw foodists, with creative, satisfying, and delicious recipes that include Almond Butter Sesame Noodles, Vegetable Korma Masala, Fiesta Taco Roll-Ups, Primavera Pesto Pizza, Maple-Pecan Kale Chips, Cherry Mash Smoothies, Parisian Street Crêpes, and nearly 140 more!



Press for Practically Raw
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11/6/2012: Amber and Dr. Sara Solomon, “The Fat-Blasting Doctor,” film and share a Pizza Kale Chips tutorial video
11/29/12: ‎Veggiegirl names Practically Raw as one of her ten favorite cookbooks of 2012

My posts about Practically Raw
1/3/2012: Introducing…my cookbook, Practically Raw!
1/19/2012: Practically Raw recipe testers’ photos
2/20/2012: Practically Raw: a photo-packed mega-preview (including a chapter-by-chapter walk-through)
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Recipe Previews
Apple Pie Oatmeal
Caramel-Fudge Brownies (video)
Red Pepper-Pistachio Bisque
Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies
Deconstructed Sushi Bowl & Simple Seasoned Mushrooms
Warm Apple-Walnut Cobbler
Garden Fresh Salsa
Kale-Tahini Salad
Raspberry Lemon Mousse Tart
Sugared Doughnut Holes
Purple Pearberry Smoothie
Almond Butter-Banana Ice Cream
Zucchini Hummus
Famous Five-Minute Blondies (video)
Famous Five-Minute Blondies (recipe)
Spaghetti alla Marinara
Pizza Kale Chips
Apple Pie Smoothie
Almond Butter Sesame Noodles

Practically Raw fan photos
Dedicated Practically Raw Facebook page
For up-to-the-minute news: the Chef Amber Shea Facebook page


Sound Bites

“Practically Raw by @almostveganchef is in hand. Every. Page. Perfect. Tear. Jerking. Beautiful. Recipes. Buy This Book!   OMG….got it today & reading it right now. A couple of the recipes literally bringing tears to my eyes…I am SO excited to get un-cooking with this book!!!! Seriously…Biscuits & Gravy?! Making this Saturday!!! All the ingredients are in my pantry already #exmeateaterheaven Nice work!!!” – Kristel

“So excited!! Just got mine today. It is a beautiful book and so user friendly, especially for a not so great cook like myself!! Just browsing and skimming through it brought many smiles, ooohs and ahhhs. I have had more fun in the kitchen the past 1 month since becoming almost vegan! Your book just might make me a real Foodie!! ;)” – Elizabeth

“I got mine in the mail on Tuesday – and as an almost vegan, slightly raw graphic designer, I have to say you really outdid yourself! The layout, colors, and photos make this a cookbook you want to open and drool over, and the simplicity of the recipes through your wonderful explanations makes this a cookbook for anyone and everyone, regardless of dietary lifestyle! I am looking forward to this weekend when I can try a few of your recipes! Heck, maybe someday I’ll do the Julie/Julia thing where I make a dish everyday! ;o)” – Sheryl

“This is not the type of raw book that says “cooked food is dead” or “eat bread if you want to be dead” type of book!…a fantastic buy for anyone. And that can’t be said for all “raw” themed books. This book gives instructions to make raw and cooked versions for each dish. Don’t have a dehydrator? Kale chips in the oven. Don’t have homemade nut milk sitting around? Use whatever non-dairy milk you have in your fridge. No problem, no scoldings from Amber about how you aren’t “raw” enough! This is a great find for anyone interested in eating closer to the earth. And dietary info is listed as well – so you can choose low fat/high fat, etc…certainly a book I may “gift” to people always asking about raw stuff but intimidated by adapting raw recipes to their current kitchen. Thank you for making a book so approachable to people who might not buy a “raw” book!” Get Skinny, Go Vegan


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